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For Immediate Release

Collingwood, ON—Dawn Wiggins recently attended a two-day training in London, ON to become a certified Ageless Grace® Educator. As CEO of New Dementians and Registered Practical Nurse, Dawn brings 25 year’s experience in health and wellness. To add to her current designation of Certified Dementia Practitioner and Certified PAC Consultant, Trainer and Mentor, Dawn is currently pursuing her Masters of SCN in Dementia Studies. Dawn is a speaker and trainer and is excited to be an Ageless Grace educator.

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New Dementians - Memory Care - Indoor Beach

A Beach Inside?

Why do we have a BEACH INSIDE our Amazing Memory Living Neighbourhood? Because it makes our residents much Happier, Healthier, Relaxed and Engaged. Here are

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New Dementians - Memory Care - Dementia Umbrella

What is Dementia?

What do you think about when you hear the word Dementia? Most people will first think, Alzheimer’s and then next memory problems. Am I correct?

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