Facility/Environmental Design

Custom designs created with you, for you. New Dementians works with you to create therapeutic capable environments that are friendly, familiar, functional and forgiving. Together we improve well-being and promote independence with love for everyone involved.

Dynamic Bridge Program

Custom care plan design done differently. Using New Dementian’s motto “we color outside the lines”, together we create with you, life story videos to enhance relational care and create engagement designed to individual likes, wants and needs.

New Dementians is certified in facilitating

LiveWell Dementia Training. A Dementia Education Specialist at MapHabit Facilitating Wellness Review sessions that provides focused and relevant education with a unique learning platform through MapHabit.

Ashby Memory Method

The Ashby Memory Method (AMM) program is a person centered program of thinking and activity focused exercises that helps those already experiencing memory loss and early to moderate Dementia manage their symptoms better for longer. AMM uses multiple types of interaction and stimulation to match each person’s interests and strengths while promoting personal connection and independence.

Therapeutic Art Sessions

Dawn is a Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach (Accredited) Therapeutic Art: Help Clients Heal, Reduce Stress & Manifest Dreams with Mandalas, Affirmations, Vision Boards & More

Care Partner Well-Being Conversations- Individual or Group sessions offered virtually.

Dementia is hard but it doesn’t have to be horrible. Inspirational, safe environment, nurse led sessions to empower everyone on the dementia journey to be in the best relationship possible making supporting each-other more joyful.

In My Shoes

“In My Shoes” proprietary sensory experience to help people better understand what the brain changes as a result of dementia may feel like. Dementia is much more than memory loss, during “In My Shoes” sessions we teach first what changes occur through a brain tour introduction, followed by experiences that best simulate visual, formal language, rhythmic language and movement, executive control center, movement and sensation and thrive to survive changes and wrapping up with our “how did the shoes fit” facilitated reflective conversation.

Ageless Grace

Ageless Grace is a cutting edge brain fitness program based on neural plasticity that activates all five functions of the brain – strategic planning, memory/recall, analytical thinking, creativity and imagination, kinaesthetic learning – and simultaneously addresses all 21 physical skills needed for lifelong optimal function.

Medical Improv

An exciting tool for experiential learning! It is an innovative and refreshing approach to promoting effective communication and related skills. These sessions are for healthcare workers as an effective and engaging way to build interpersonal skills within the healthcare team. Medical Improv holds promise because it promotes healthy dynamics where respect, ownership, collaboration, and continuous learning are infused in relationships, teams, and cultures. Offering the potential for positive, long-term, meaningful change for individuals, organizations, and the healthcare system. What’s more, the financial and time investments required to try it are relatively small. This paves the way for pioneers, like you, to forge ahead in new territory despite tight budgets and pressing schedule

Positive Approach To Care Workshops

Most education models teach the WHAT of dementia including mostly facts and information. PAC takes it a step further and teaches the HOW to live in relationship with a changing brain. Teepa Snow’s relational approach and hands on skill techniques offer the interpersonal skills needed to improve quality of life for everyone involved.

Champion Course

In this one-day skill-building class, you will learn and practice essential techniques of dementia care from Teepa Snow. Have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a trained mentor in a small group setting. You will develop skills for improving the quality of your interactions and care. You will also gain abilities for managing the challenging situations encountered in dementia care.

Positive Physical Approach™ (PPA)

This is the first step in creating compassionate relationships. It provides a way to connect with people, visually and verbally. PPA asks the question, “Can you except a connection from me right now?” and respectfully accepts the answer or offers an alternative.

The GEMS®: Brain Change Model

This classification model encourages us to get curious about the stages of brain change by focusing on abilities that are present versus what is lost. It provides us with the knowledge to dynamically assess where people are, what they need, and what is possible. The GEMS® advocate that everyone living with brain change when given the opportunity will shine.

Hand-under-Hand™ (HuH)

This allows care partners and people living with dementia the opportunity to build an authentic relationship through a non-threatening physical connection. HuH says, “I am here to support you – to do WITH you, not TO you.”

*Florida Residents Only* CNA’s Only Academy