I Love Dementia: Inspirational Stories of People Affected by Dementia


Storytelling is one of mankind’s oldest and greatest achievements. Stories can empower, inspire, motivate, and even change lives. I Love Dementia: Inspirational Stories from People Affected by Dementia, offers 17 life-changing stories, poems, and journal entries. These are true experiences from real people who have been affected by dementia, showing the world that impossible is just a state of mind—and that anything is possible.Why share these stories? Inevitably, dementia—an umbrella term that includes Alzheimer’s—will affect you at some point in the future. You may experience dementia yourself or may know of someone who has or will have it. When dementia does affect your life, the stories in I Love Dementia will make it less shocking and less painful and you’ll know that “if they’ve been through dementia and lived with dignity and purpose, then so can I.” If you’re looking for motivation, inspiration, and hope… you need to read this book! Foreward by Ricardo Maccioni, PhD, Director of the Labartory of Neurosciences & Scientific Director of the International Center For Biomedicine. Best known for his discoveries on the role of the tau protein in Alzheimer’s.



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